Order the Tesla Light Show USB Song Pack

Order the Tesla Light Show USB Song Pack

Custom USB Light Show for Tesla

Because Your Tesla Isn't Just a Car, It's a Party on Wheels

Introducing the Custom USB Light Show from TeslaMod.Shop - the ultimate way to show off your Tesla and, let's be honest, make everyone else jealous. Who needs a regular car when you can have a mobile discotheque, right?

What's In This Little Magic Stick:

  • Michael Jackson / Thriller: Bring back the '80s and possibly cause a zombie apocalypse in your driveway.
  • Back to the Future / Theme Music: Time travel not included, but we're pretty sure this will make you feel like Marty McFly.
  • Barbie Girl "In a Barbie World": Life in plastic, it's fantastic! Especially when your Tesla's lights sync to it.
  • James Bond / Theme Music: Instantly turn your Tesla into a spy car. Tuxedo and martinis not included.
  • Star Wars Imperial March: Because sometimes, you just need to embrace your inner Sith Lord.
  • Super Mario Brothers: Relive your childhood, minus the frustration of never beating that one level.
  • Sandstorm: For when you want to rave, but you're stuck in traffic.
  • Bonus Broken Down Engine Prank Sound: Fool your friends, entertain yourself. It's a win-win!

Simply plug this USB into your Tesla, and voila! Instant entertainment. Whether you're trying to impress a date or just entertain yourself and your dog, this Custom USB Light Show is your ticket to the coolest Tesla on the block.

Order your custom USB today in the Tesla Mod Shop

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