EV Owners Insurance Endorsed by Tesla Mod Shop

EV Owners Insurance Endorsed by Tesla Mod Shop

New Sponsor Alert: EV Owners Insurance!

Big News from the Tesla Mod Shop!

Meet Our New Sponsor: EV Owners Insurance

The Backstory: From Gas to Electrified

Let's talk about Simon - the guy who made insurance cool again. Once a typical insurance guy (yawn), his life got a jolt of excitement when he bought his first EV. Suddenly, he's not just selling policies; he's living the electric dream. This led him to create "EV Owners Insurance" in 2021, and guess what? It's all about you, the EV owner.

Insurance, but Make It Electric

Forget everything you know about insurance; EV Owners Insurance is here to shake things up. How? Well, every agent in this place is an EV owner. They speak 'Tesla' fluently and understand that your car isn't just a car – it's a piece of the future in your garage.

Why We Love Them

These guys get it. They're not just selling insurance; they're part of the EV revolution. Need insurance that understands your Tesla's quirks and perks? They've got your back. And they're not just about policies; they're about community, electrified camaraderie, and making sure you ride into the sunset confidently covered.

The Tesla Mod Shop Seal of Approval

We're not just teaming up with anyone here. EV Owners Insurance is a match made in electric heaven. They're the Robin to our Batman, the Watson to our Holmes – you get the picture. Together, we're making the EV journey even more epic.

So, Tesla lovers, buckle up and cruise on over to EVOwnersInsurance.com to learn more about their services.

EV Owners Insurance: A Key Sponsor for 2024 Meetups

We're thrilled to announce that EV Owners Insurance will be a key sponsor for all our meetups in the first quarter of 2024. This includes the highly anticipated Feb 10th Supercars and Teslas Valentine's Event. Their involvement brings added excitement and a sense of community to these gatherings, making them even more special for Tesla enthusiasts.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of these electrifying events, sponsored by EV Owners Insurance, where innovation, passion, and the Tesla spirit come together. See you there!

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