Tesla Mod Tip: Swivel Screen is a MUST and NO it won't Void Warranty

Tesla Mod Tip: Swivel Screen is a MUST and NO it won't Void Warranty

Transform Your Tesla with a Swivel Screen!

Transform Your Tesla Ride with a Swivel Screen - The Ultimate Space Captain Experience

Get ready to elevate your Tesla journey with the ultra-cool Screen Rotating Bracket for your Tesla Model 3 or Y (2017-2023). Say goodbye to mundane drives and hello to a thrilling, spaceship-like adventure every time you hit the road!

Swivel to Impress

Embrace your inner space captain by swiveling the screen towards you. Navigate to Mars or your next local adventure with the style and pizzazz of a sci-fi hero.

Passenger DJ Mode

Let your passengers take control of the entertainment with a simple swivel. Transform your Tesla into a carpool karaoke hotspot or a mobile discotheque.

Stylish and Durable

Made with high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS, this rotating bracket isn't just functional; it's also a stylish addition to your Tesla's interior.

Easy Installation

Worried about installation? Don't be! The kit comes pre-adjusted and is easy to tweak, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Local Installation Available in Tampa Bay Area

For those in the Tampa Bay area, take advantage of our local installation services to get your swivel screen up and running in no time.

Exclusive Amazon Deal

Looking for the best deal? Check out this amazing offer on Amazon for the Screen Rotating Bracket!

Get ready to turn heads and be the envy of every Tesla driver out there. Your Tesla isn't just a car; it's the ultimate party on wheels!

Tesla Model 3 or Y Swivel Screen
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