Tesla Day Tampa Bay is 4/20

Tesla Day Tampa Bay is 4/20

Tampa Bay Tesla Day 420 - Rev Up Your Engines!

Strap in and charge up, folks! Tampa Bay is throwing the switch on an electrifying celebration that's bound to make sparks fly - Tampa Bay Tesla Day 420! This high-octane shindig is jam-packed with everything from dawn-to-dusk actions that could potentially overload your circuitry. So, mark your calendars for the ultimate playdate for Tesla enthusiasts and electric vehicle aficionados!

10AM Good Morning Tesla Parade at Ben Davis Beach (Free! Open to the Public!)

Fire up your morning at 10 AM with a sight for sore eyes at the Tampa Bay Tesla Parade. Starting at the oh-so-picturesque Ben Davis Beach, watch a parade of shiny Teslas strut their stuff down the coast. These silent beauts are zero emissions but 100% flashy. Bring your wave game and salute the eco-friendly horsepower!

10:30AM-1PM Midday Turbo Boost: Tesla Demos & Donuts (Free! Open to the Public!)

By 10:30 AM, let's kick it up a notch and zoom over to 3601 34th St. N., St. Petersburg, FL, where the air smells like rubber and sugar. It's time for Teslas, Demos & Donuts! Test drive the latest Tesla models; whether you’re after the snazzy Model 3, the luxurious Model X, the nimble Model Y, or the classic Model S, they’re all lined up and ready to roll.

  • Exclusive Test Drives: Experience firsthand why Tesla drivers can’t stop bragging. Just try not to daydream too hard about owning one.
  • Donuts and Delights: Mix business with pleasure and munch on a selection of donuts while you mingle. Warning: Sugar highs are inevitable.
  • Swag Bags: Dive into raffles and snag some slick Tesla gear. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

7PM Nightfall Showstopper: Sexy Red Carpet Event & Cybertruck Light Show (Ticketed)

When the sun dips, the stars come out - and we’re not just talking celestial bodies. Glam up for the Sexy Red Carpet Event where you can strut your stuff and rub elbows with the who's who of the Tesla tribe. Plus, a mysterious guest will make an entrance that's sure to be electric!

Post-schmooze, prepare for the jaw-dropping Cybertruck Light Show. This isn't just any truck unveiling; it's a full-on spectacle with drones, lights, and action set against the night sky. The Cybertruck promises a performance that’ll make you forget all about those boring, old-fashioned trucks. GIVEAWAYS AND MORE!

Join the Tampa Bay EVents! 

This isn’t just another car meet; it’s a rally cry for the future of transport! Tesla Day 420 is a community festivity dedicated to the marvels of electric propulsion. Whether you're a seasoned Tesla driver or just Tesla-curious, rev your engines and head to Tampa Bay this April 20th. Energy, excitement, and electric dreams await! Don't miss this high-energy tribute to Tesla’s innovation - let's drive into the future together, stylishly and sustainably!

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